Gampon Kumdee

Subject: Reference letter for the Sanborn’s

Dear Pastor,
Greetings from Chiang Mai, Thailand! From Sean's recent e-mail we understand, that you church is considering supporting the Sanborn's. We are glad to recommend them to your church. I have known Sean since he was living with his parents here in Thailand about twenty years ago. Five years ago we met again at a YWAM school in Tampa, which we both attended. There the Lord has confirmed his call for Sean and his wife to come back to my country. After coming back, they both went for language study and recently finished their written exams. During these three years here in Chiang Mai, Sean and Ann have been helping us in the church through their sincere dedication, building friendship with the people, supporting us in the ministry. Sean and Ann both love the challenging ministry in the mountains among the tribal people and many times they took teams up to our daughter church. Their help with coordinating short term outreach teams his highly valued. Right now they are working with YWAM and after that they are planning to come back to get more involved with the ministry in our church, discipling young people and raising them up to be missionaries into China, Laos and the other surrounding nations. We truly appreciate Sean and Ann and if your church can support these couple, you can have a great impact here in Asia through them. If you have any more questions, please feel free to get back to me.
In His Service
Rev. Gampon Kumdee


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