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The tall man hovered above me cussing me out. His accent was so thick that it took a minute to figure out what he was shouting in my face. But I was finally able to discern, “I kill you.”
I calmly braced myself to do a judo maneuver on this homeless man named Countryman. Then I looked him in the eyes and said, “Can I pray for you?”
He pulled away shouting and cussing, “You stay away from me! I kill you!”

"I got on my motorbike and went to get supplies from my home, when the winds picked up, shrapnel started flying and I couldn't see where I was. There was a weird loud buzzing sound between lightening strikes. It was a miracle that I was able to crawl back to safety. Sadly, I lost three friends who were not so fortunate. I later found my motorbike far away in a rice field." This is one of many stories told me by the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.

“Because of what you told me, I ate two yummy cockroaches.” The boy told me straight faced.
“You misunderstood me,” I replied. “You need to fry bugs before you eat them.”

Our visit to Phitsanulok opened the doors for Taa to share with his neighbors and friends which helped him to start a small church of more than 12 believers.

Most of the villagers are Christian, but the Spirit Doctor named Boo Ngeun has been hesitant until all of his children agreed to his decision. He decided he couldn't wait anymore. He invited Sean, Sombaht, Prayoon and Tongkham to come and pray with him to accept Christ. The next day Boo Ngeun told Sean that the horrible pain in his knee was finally gone and that he had just just slept peacefully for the first time in ages.

Haan wasn't healed outright that night, but he said he just knew that he could no longer reject the Gospel. He said that the night after Sean had prayed for him he had experienced some strange supernatural things and felt that Sean’s prayers had been the cause.

miraculously able to read

One woman spent 2 months fasting and praying, and now she can miraculously read. She reads her Bible to her family early every morning.

planted free trade coffee

We planted 500 coffee plants to add to the 300 plants that were planted 2 years ago. We visited house to house, showed the Jesus film in their language with a projector and laptop, and took some extra time to visit a neighboring village (MaeTien).

attacked by demons

Before coming to stay with me he had ordered the demons out of his life. The following is what he told me happened: That day his girlfriend left him, he was fired from his job, and he crashed his car into a tree. When he returned home a thick dark cloud of angry demons swarmed around him and demanded his submission. Then all of the windows in his apartment imploded.  He fled, climbed a tree, and wept all night.



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